Friday, November 26, 2010


Maine is Beautiful, one of the 3 states in the US that I would voluntarily live in. I like the quaintness, the New England appeal, the seafood, the houses, the predominant architecture and its privacy.

This is Maine by way of US1. The coastal route is the way to go because it how one can see the communities. 

 This photo was taken in York, Maine, just further north of Kittery; it was charming and serene but pretty nippy.

 The Nubble Lighthouse, an iconic structure in Maine. Seeing it with the Atlantic Sea as the backdrop was well opportune.

 A melancholy scene.

 Capturing this was just as memorable as the scene itself, I decided on the vision of this angle and had to climb sharp rocks high and higher still to get to this point. I loved it and I love this picture. This was in Cape Elizabeth.


The Lighthouse at Cape Elizabeth, ME. 

Entering Kennebunkport:

The Democrat Headquarters in KB.

For good measure, I present, Bush '41's summer home, also in Kennebunkport.

Chapel near Cape Porpoise

The town of Kennebunk - on the left

signposts for businesses

The Cake House

bed and breakfast

Meanwhile in Portland:

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow... well, a rendering of him.

the Longfellow Commons

Portland enterprises...

I'm famished, let's have some Lobster... 
A scene from DiMillo's Floating Restaurant

If there is an ugly part of Maine, I must have missed it; everything I saw was romantic and I was charmed.

Travel Snippets:

I am going to chronicle my travels in the succeeding posts. Most of this will be photography pictures of the locales, structures, tourist spots and so forth of the places I went to mostly in, but not limited to, the year 2009. 

In 2009, I traveled more than I was at home it seemed, when I summed it all up, perhaps I was away from my home 46% of the time, sojourning either for work or vacation and I loved it. The places I traveled through will not be posted in the order of the trips, as I have forgotten the order of which I journeyed; nevertheless, my intention is not to miss a destination.

So, without further ceremonies, I begin with Maine...
(see above)