Saturday, July 10, 2010

Mother's Garden and then some:

My last trip home to my family made me see more beauty in simple things; yea, even provincial things which I didn’t mind growing up with. Mother’s plants at the rooftop of our home has become an elevated garden of tropical plants and relaxing place.

Some snippets inside of the house meanwhile were much like how common houses are in our island town – a hodgepodge of whatever one likes and can afford. Our house reflects the orthodoxy of living back home, which is to say, the things we like are the ones we can afford. (hehe..)

I do appreciate the fact that some things which are exotic in one place may just be prevalent in another. An example of that is the orchid, this flora is pervasive in the tropics and it almost takes next to nothing to make them proliferate at gardens all over back at the islands.

Hmm... the simple snippets of life.

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