Thursday, July 15, 2010

Staring at Doors

Staring at doors allows me to study the character of a house and ponder upon it’s very state and about the people behind it. Each would remind me of my home, no matter how uncared for or opulent. The subconscious representation of a door is home to me. Doors remind many of us of new beginnings, journeys, goodbyes and comfort. Oh, how significant is the door.

For years I have pondered upon taking photographs of those doors I would find particular whether optically pleasing or not; and it would take me the year 2008 to finally take the pictures. In 2009, it’s time to put it together and here are the results. I know each door I have taken and I can tell the background of each one. If I do not know the story behind it, I have made one up to add for an interesting measure.

My sister once commented about how sad must the destitute be in rural areas wherever we would venture to those towns and it’s the doors that tell the story; my retort has always been, “As long as there is a family inside a house, it is home and someone will always answer the door.” 

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