Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Multifarious House

While predominantly mid-century; this house which I had the pleasure of photographing is really an amalgamation of diverse furniture styles and home accessories; and the predominant use of books, bookshelves and plants as the theme all around the rooms and outside, was what impressed me most about it. 

According to history, the original owner of this 25 year-old structure had this house built to suit for what a surgeon and a glass artist couple would prefer their nest to be. The modern geometrical lines of the house’s interior conveyed a message that prosaic areas were not in mind during it's construction.

From inside, outside, entrance to exit, this house rouses a tremendous amount of inspiration. From now on, my vision for houses is not only to make the best of what an abode ought to be, but rather having a dedicated heart and the eye for perfect suitability for dreams and needs in a dwelling place - should be considered as well. 

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