Saturday, October 2, 2010

nuts about nutella...

I know, I know, this product has been around since time in memorial, but like many things in this world, I nearly always have to prove, probe and prod something for myself before I decide that I like anything that’s existed before me… and Nutella, this silky, sweet, smooth and healthy hazelnut spread is the latest of the simple things in life that has captured my fancy! I spread it all over everything it seems these days from wheat, oat, pita breads, even my finger and go to town with it. Certainly, my Saturday crepes would not be an exception. Oh, how delectable when the sweet cocoa-flavored hazelnut spread melds with the crisp and lacy part of the crepes. So simple yet savory.

A sign of a beautiful Saturday for me is usually heralded by my homemade crepes, any sort of black tea with cream and saccharine cubes, 2 lumps or 3 and for the 2nd time only, this day, the Nutella joins the mix. Yep, I think it will be a most blessed Saturday yet again.

Fancy a cup of tea and Nutella-flavored crepes? 


  1. A cup of tea would do. Thanks!

    But no to the crepes with nutella. I prefer savory crepes meself.

    Seemed like a great start to a weekend :-)

  2. One day, maybe, I can get that "Keywest" savory crepes that I like with the grilled chicken, avocado, mozzarella tasty crepe and post it here. :-)